The Thrill of Competition, The Absolute Joy of Being There The Day They Pull It All Together!

“I am very competitive, and I love to watch two teams face off and compete. And to make it even better, there’s nothing like the passion shown by fans from small communities who are ‘all in’ for their team. I enjoy being at the game to observe, to cheer, and to share. And I absolutely love being there to witness ‘THE GAME’! You know, the game when they pull it all together and play like you already knew they could. Go to every game, that way you don’t miss THE GAME when it all goes right.”     – V-Dawg

V-Dawg is a Church of Christ minister, and broadcasts play-by-play for high school sports all over Oklahoma. He loves to discuss his observations and talk about the young athletes from across the state.

V-Dawg enjoys helping coaches, athletes, families, and fans (die-hard and casual) get the information they need to follow and enjoy the competition, spirit, and community of high school sports. V-Dawg produces easy to follow tournament brackets that incorporate logos and team colors.


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